We are 'het Netwerk van Ondernemende Juristen' (OJ). Our name roughly translates as 'network of legal entrepreneurs'. Since the way we work and share business is new -in the Dutch legal market at least-, we can imagine your need for some explanation.

Tap into the largest Lawyer network in the Netherlands

OJ is a business oriented community which consists of over 500 experienced independent legal professionals. Our members have a background in major Dutch law firms and legal departments. They use OJ to share their knowledge, and to connect their clients to other trusted legal professionals, at times they can't provide the needed support themselves.

For you as a client it’s a very efficient way of directly accessing a big and diverse community of trusted independent legal professionals.

Our network is unique in it's kind and as such we are the single largest in our small country. We take pride in the fact that practically all good independent business lawyers in the Netherlands are connected.


Only the best practical solution

Our members only refer clients through our network, if they believe it will provide the best practical solution. Important to know is also the fact that the network does not interfere with the free structures or tariffs of it's members. Each lawyer is free to compete for your business as he or she sees fit.


Professional to professional

Contracting is in principle an arrangement between the legal professional you choose, and you as their client, without anyone interfering. However, as an extra, we provide you with the possibility of contracting lawyers trough us as their central agency.

There are no extra charges involved. You only pay the rate that you have agreed upon with the independent legal professional of your choice.


Save 25 - 50% on fees


The business model of our concept is similar to the more common partner structure of a traditional law firm: OJ members involved share revenues. The main difference is the fact that there is minimal-overhead, no expensive offices, no 'law firm silos', and no exclusivity. Each of our members is at liberty to refer you to any legal professional he or she sees fit, and most of them are also used to working 'in-house'.


If you have any questions about the Network, or the Dutch legal market in general, please do not hesitate to contact us.